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Information Security Summit PreCon

I will be teaching a one day Pre-Con session as part of the Information Security Summit 2014.  If you are a SQL Server DBA or Security Professional I urge you to check it out.

I have been a volunteer and supporter of the Information Security Summit for several years now. It is a good organization, run by good people, who want to do the right thing, and educate security professionals at a reasonable cost. Last year the event sold out at over 600 attendees over two days and was basically limited by building fire code. I predict this year will be pretty much the same.

So what about my Pre-Con? I have discussed SQL Server Security with some colleagues both on the SQL Server side and Security Professionals who all have indicated that there is a need for SQL Server Security education. Earlier this year I resolved to present a Pre-Con at the ISS. So my focus for the past 6 months has been building , researching and preparing to deliver the workshop.

Take a look at the outline. It’s SQL Server security content mainly aimed at Security Professionals and Practitioners in the context of Regulatory Compliance.  But if you are a Professional DBA, there will be lots of challenging material as well. In fact, I hope to pair up “teams” of Security Professionals and Database Administrators in the class to maximize learning opportunities and team building.

I hope to see you at the Pre-Con and if not, I will be presenting a session on Auditing in SQL Server on Friday October 31st at the ISS.



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  1. Tom Beauregard

    Can you tell me when exactly your pre-con is? Date and Time?
    The $250 is just for the pre-con…correct?


    Tom Beauregard
    The Lubrizol Corporation

    • Craig

      Hi Tom,
      The PreCon training is on Wednesday October 29th. Yes, the $250 just covers the training day. You also get breakfast and lunch.
      Thanks, Craig

  2. Dave Rininger

    Craig, I see no times on this pre-conf information. Is there any schedule?

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