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Tools to promote your SQL Saturday #2

This is the second post in a series on tip and tricks on how to promote your SQL Saturday and/or your local user group events.

LinkedIn Events


In the first post of the series, I described the use of Community Megaphone to promote your SQL Saturday or user group event. Another tool in your promotion toolkit is the LinkedIn Event. “What’s that” you ask? You might notice that some of your contacts have calendars on their LinkedIn profiles. These are associated with LinkedIn events. An event is a publicly created appointment that anyone can declare they are attending. The end game is to promote the in-person event to as many people as possible and promote networking associated with the event. The other side effect that most people don’t realize is that by keeping your calendar “fresh” it also keeps your profile “fresh”.

LinkedIn events are very easy to create. By default, when you create an event, a notification goes out via your network update feed to all of your contacts. So in order to get maximum exposure, I suggest that whoever on your SQL Saturday planning team has the strongest LinkedIn profile create the event. You can also pay LinkedIn to promote the event via advertisements, profile keywords, geography etc, however I have never done this.

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